Text Formatting Options

I’m playing around with CoinGecko’s API for fun and a lot of the values that are returned have decimal points, but the Text object in the editor automatically rounds up to the nearest whole number. Is it possible to allow formatting options?

Hey @ghanbak,

For sure, we have sort of a hidden feature for this called “helpers”, used for formatting Data Source response values.

I have a Learning Center article going up this coming week for all the helpers available.

But in the meantime, the one you’re looking for is numberFormat.

So you’d use it like this:
{{numberFormat data.yourNumber "type"}}

And for type we have three: percent, currency, and decimal.

The one you’re looking for here is decimal, so like this:

{{numberFormat data.yourNumber "decimal"}}

Let me know if that works for you.


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That worked! Thanks, Kevin!