Parameterised queries

Hi, Just wondering if there is way to pass in variables/params from user input or otherwise in to my graphql query;


Hey! Yup you can pass either a URL Param or a User Info value into a graphql query.

First, click this Document icon in your Inspector panel to flip to the Document Inspector, then add either a User Param or a URL Param, like I’ve done here with a URL Param fname:

(Note that "Kevin" here is just the test value for designing/building, which will be overridden with the actual value upon deployment)

Then if you wanted to bring that into graphql, just use the format {{url.fname}} and place it wherever in the graphql query such as I’ve done here as a variable:

Or {{user.fname}} if it was a User Info value.

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A question along these same lines, will there be input components (text/pulldown/radio/etc) available at some point or should they be avoided right now and only use parameterized actions instead?

Hey @jonbaer, yes indeed! Form input controls are on our roadmap, but I don’t have any information as to when they would be available at this time.