Mac app crashes every time I open it

I was able to download and run the Mac app on Monterey. I looked at a few examples and then tried to click on the Marketing example. It immediately crashed. And now it crashes whenever I try to launch it.

Any tips?

Hey @EllieRider,

Hmm, I think you should try reinstalling Judo, by deleting Judo from Applications, and then reinstalling it from the App Store.

Let me know if this fixes things and/or if it occurs again.

I’ll submit a ticket to investigate the crash caused by the Marketing experience, but could you kindly provide your Mac model & Operating System version?


Hi! This morning I was able to delete ~/Library/Containers/app.judo.Judo and then the app launched without crashing.

Mac Studio / Monterey 12.4

Ok great to hear you’re up and running, I’ll submit this additional info.


The Marketing Offer demo will also crash for me (and crash upon app launches after that), Judo 1.10 + Monterey 12.4 … if you would like to see the entire error stack/trace let me know.

Hey @jonbaer, ok thanks yeah we’re aware of this experience causing some crashing we’re going to resolve this asap.