Login support - or carrying parameters from auth API to other APIs

Do you have an example for the process where a user logs in (with his own credentials, not a fixed API key) and then adds the response (in the form of JWT) to the Authentication header in all other APIs? at the documentation level the response can be referenced between API, but only by the prefix data. I imagine this is from a data source that is encompassing (or higher in the containment hierarchy - i.e. a datasource contained by another data source). This does not cover the use case of when a login is in one screen, and the subsequent screen contain the data sources that are relaying on the login action.

Hey @user8,

You can currently interpolate the response from one Data Source into another Data Source.

However what you’re trying to do isn’t currently possible moreso because user inputs aren’t supported yet in Judo (such as keyboard entry). So even if you could present authentication log-in form to get a response, you couldn’t get the entry to have the user log in.

The best approach here is to pass user traits as per the docs here:

So they would authenticate via the core part of your app (not from within the Judo experience), and inject the credentials needed into the Judo experience where you can then call the APIs that need to be authenticated first.

You can also check out this API Authorizers:

Let me know if this clears things up for you.


Thanks @kevin.obrien. Do you know when capturing input will be supported? It seems rather basic, as it means that all UX that needs user input has to be done outside of Judo.

Hey @user8,

While I’m not sure of the timing for the release of this feature, I do know that user inputs is a top priority for our product team and I’ll forward your feedback along to the team.


First of all, thanks for creating this great tool, wishing that you and your team are having a great day, im glad that you guys are working on input support, that would be awesome.

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Thanks for the kind words @jeremias2!