iOS app/Xcode setup for non-developers

It would be nice to have a tutorial and/or a basic iOS app that non-developers can use to set up a “Hello World” / “Hello Judo” app in X-code.
The Home · judoapp/judo-ios Wiki · GitHub seems to be missing some of the basic steps that non-developers like me cannot resolve. Trivial probably for experienced devs…

Hey Erik,

So while we don’t encourage trying to use Judo to build your entire app’s interface, there is an sample Xcode project provided alongside the SDK with the SDK already integrated. If you download the SDK as a ZIP file using the GitHub releases page, in the JudoSample directory you’ll find a sample project you can try out.

In general, however, some programming familiarity is needed to integrate and use the SDK. Judo is intended for building out frequently updated and dynamic content within an existing app, not to be used as a from-scratch app builder.


It is not my intention to build a entire app with Judo. I understand what it should be used for. In our case, I think Judo would be great to create the typical on boarding/explanation screens of an app as you could easily change the content/order/structure of these screens without a release of the app, right?

But on the other hand, I need to convince both business and dev team to convince that it is a good tool. And therefore I need to be able to demo with a test app.

But I will look at the github pages again and see if I can find the sample project.

Hi @erik.willemse, I’m wondering if you’ve tried out the Judo iOS preview app?

When you design/build a Judo layout (which we call an Experience) using the Judo Mac app, it saves as a .judo file.

You can then send that file to your iPhone to preview what your design would look like rendered natively. You can send the .judo file to yourself using email/slack or whatnot and then open it with the Judo iOS app, or in the Judo app look for file locations such as Dropbox/Google Drive.

So perhaps I might suggest first building a test Judo Experience with the knowledge that once you have integrated Judo with your core app, the Experience you’ve built would render in your app just as it does in the Judo iOS app.

Let me know if this would be sufficient for your business and dev teams.

Further, here are some Judo templates to try out:

Judo Template 1:
A Fitness App Experience with 4 screens using Carousels, Scroll Containers and Buttons

Judo Template 2:
A “Dynamic” Fitness App Experience that uses Data Sources to pull images, titles, dates etc from an API

So these two Judo template files can not only be opened on the Judo Mac app to edit/customize the design to your liking, they also can be opened with the iOS app as is to view the Experience natively.

Hope this helps!


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