How to use UIKit + Judo together?

I’d like to use Judo for only a part of the entire screen. For example, in my iOS app, I have a screen that contains various UI components. For some of these UI components, I’d like to use Judo views, but for the other views I want to use native UI components. Is this possible with the current iOS SDK?

Yup, this is possible. The Judo iOS SDK contains an ExperienceViewController which is a subclass of UIViewController. You can initialize it and embed it within any other UIViewController as a child view controller and then use Autolayout to control its size and position. Swift by Sundell has a great article on how to do this: Child View Controllers | Swift by Sundell.

Thanks for the tip seanrucker!

Let me know if this works for you. If you run into any snags we are here to help.