Handle custom actions

How to call “open universal link” from current app or to call our custom functions when user taps on Judo button

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Hey there,

While we don’t yet have dedicated support for calling your own logic directly from Judo buttons, what you can do is use a deep link.

On your button layer in your Experience, add an Action and choose the Open URL type. Then you can put your deep link there. Then implement a deep link in your application that activates the desired behaviour.

Note that if you try to use a Universal Link to within the same app with Open URL, you will find it opening in Safari. This is an iOS limitation, and the solution is to use a deep link instead.

I hope this helps, cheers.

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@andrew Thank you, that I wanted to hear, but I still have a question, how to add DeepLink to button in Judo ? When I even try to submit custom action it crashes an app. I don’t know and cannot find where I can set custom action, to handle deepLink from Judo. There is no such information in learning videos, it just says in video (Actions on Vimeo): “this must be set up a head of time by your developers”, but I’m as a developer cannot find how I can add and test it. Please give clear showcase to all developers here.

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Hey @halelov.adlet,

As it happens we don’t yet have the means for setting up Custom Actions built in the SDK yet.

In the meantime you really can use the Open URL action type and a deep link, and your own bespoke deep link handler in your app, to achieve the same functionality.

I realize this method is definitely clunkier, but stay tuned for proper Custom Action support in the SDK in releases to come! 🙇‍♂️

Hope this helps, cheers!

Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate that you answer on all our responses and listen for our feedback.

Yes, right now we use “Open URL” action type. We will be happy to hear when you release this bug update, thank you.

Hey @halelov.adlet ,

We’re pleased to announce that custom action support has now been added to the SDK in version 1.7.0. See the documentation linked in the release notes to see how to use it.

Let us know how it works out!