Export to Android project

How do I export an Experience for Android? i.e. similar to the “Export to Xcode” feature
For example, so that I can embed the experience directly in my app without loading it over the network.

Hi Zack, we don’t have an export to Android Studio feature yet, but you can install the Judo SDK into any existing (or new) Android Studio project and render your experiences using it. The Judo developer portal has instructions on how to set that up: Judo Developer Portal

OK, shame, was hoping we could use this to create an onboarding experience for both Android and iOS users - needs to be embedded else it doesn’t look snappy due to network load times.

Yes, that is supported. We just don’t have a button in the UI that generates the Android template for you. You will need to create the Android project yourself (or use an existing one) and embed the experience using the SDK directly.

See this article: Judo Developer Portal

ok thanks, maybe I misunderstood - I was trying to find a way to do something like embed the experience JSON in my Android application (to avoid loading it over the network) and use the SDK to generate an ExperienceFragment from the JSON directly…

Oh I see. Ya, you don’t need to do that. You can just drag the .judo file itself into your project and use the SDK to unpack and render it.