DatePicker / Radio component support

Hi Judo guys, great work for this flexible SDUI framework!

I read the source code in GitHub, it looks amazing! Thanks for open sourcing so guys who are interested in what’s going on under the hood, they can find out! Cool!

I am writing this post to check with you guys, I don’t see the DatePicker and Radio group components in the editor on Mac. Have these two been implemented?
Or is it possible for Android or iOS project to implement their custom components? You know you won’t be able to cover all use cases in a single editor even it could be the god editor, right?


Hey Rain! @user3

Welcome to Judo.

Great to hear feedback; please keep it coming, we really do value it.

We have a major release coming soon that will indeed add support for radio buttons.

Date picker isn’t something we’d thought of yet, but I will bring that to the team and see what they think.

Keep your eye out for our major release in the next few months and reach back out if you have any more feedback!


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