Collections and Linking

Hey hey! Is it possible to have a data collection link to a screen that references the data for the item that was tapped?

e.g. I have a list of recipes from an Airtable database. When I tap on a specific recipe, I want a screen that pushes in with details of the recipe.

Hey @ghanbak,

Yup for sure.

Check out our example fitness/workout app experience:

This one’s been hooked up to a CMS called Contentful, but you’ll see in all the various Collections, the Action on the item is set to transition to the Workout Video screen.

So this Workout Video screen will pass the information of the item that was tapped.

In the Mac app, on this screen it will only always show the first result, but if you try this out on mobile you can see how it will pass the selection you’ve tapped.

Lemme know if this makes sense.

Ah!!! I see now. So the Data Source only needs to be on the home view. Got it!