Can I make Device API Calls using Judo? (Ex. iOS Screen Time, iOS HealthKit)

I want to create an app using Judo that runs on SwiftUI and calls data from the Screen Time iOS API (DeviceActivity | Apple Developer Documentation)

Can I do this using Judo? If so how?

That’s great feedback Luke and something we have heard from a number of customers. As we expand on our Data Sources feature, including access to the iOS API’s is definitley on our roadmap! As we think about this feature, any guidance on your use case or what specific API you intended to call would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi John, my use case is to call the iOS Screen Time API. A recent update from Apple has allowed for apps to view a User’s device activity (screen time per app) which I’d like to make a focal point of my app. Here is the documentation:

Thanks Luke - very helpful! Will get back to you here when we have an update on when this feature will be available.

Can I still call this API myself (via SwiftUI) and use Judo has my front-end? This is what I’m currently planning to do (code the backend myself but use Judo for the UI)

Yes, if you manually embed your experience in your app (see Judo Developer Portal) then you can pass any custom data you like through the userInfo property and use that to customize the experience.