Being as SDUI Android developer for 3 years, any openings?

Hey guys,

This is not a question, and I know clearly it is not proper to be here, please feel free to delete if I am doing it wrong.

I am an Android developer, and I have been working on SDUI apps for about 3 years (starting from mid 2020, I participated in the very first round for research and development and choose a prototype for expanding our business and finally we got our SDUI architecture). The apps I have published in Play Store includes: Nations Insurance / Onward / McNaire / PinPoint Insurance / and some more under their way yet available via Play.

I also reviewed code in Judo github repo, and I believe there are several points Judo can borrow from our SDUI solution.

I am working for a CA insurance tech company, its name is Claims Decisions (a.k.a: Pact Insurance), and I am one of the key developers on Android side, I am writing this b/c I am looking for a new job.

If you are interested in my work, please contact me at, my github profile is: chinalwb (Wenbin Liu) ยท GitHub. (my Android Rich Text Editor and Slide to confirm repos are at the top of google if you search the key words like that).

Thank you guys, have a nice day.