Audio Player Controls Not Visible Until Tapped

When inserting the audio player, the default view is just a black bar for the UI. It isn’t until that area is tapped that it becomes visible. Trying to figure out how to ensure the controls are present when the view loads. How is this done?

Having the same issue, would love to know how to fix this also.

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Hey @jhay.davis & @gwinnellh,

I believe this was a result of a change to the UI Apple made with iOS 16 with respect to video and audio.

Let me confirm with my team and report back.

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Thanks, for checking. We’ll standby.

Hey @kevin.obrien just checking in to see if there is an update or for fix for the audio player controls visibility?

Hey @jhay.davis,

Thanks for your patience.

Our product team is looking into a fix on this, and we should be able to get back to you with some updates about it next week.

We have done some investigation into this issue and have been unable to come to a resolution. As you can see from this Apple forum thread, this appears to be an issue on Apple’s end with iOS 16:

We tried some of the workarounds that other users posted in that thread but they do not seem to work.

We are brainstorming ways that you could use Judo to create custom buttons that would initiate playback, however that is obviously a longer term solution.

We will keep our eye on this but we do not have a near-term fix at this time.