Access user info in action url?

Trying to set up an “Open Url” action with a custom scheme and a user info property like this

The action is not fired and the experience is not dismissed.
Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 11.51.35

However, if I insert the variable directly it works e.g.

Whats going on here? Can we access user info in this context?
Is there another way to dynamically pass in external data ?

Hey @zack hmm yup interpolating user info value into the Action should work just fine the way you are doing it.

Is this for Android/iOS or both?

Have you verified that the user value taskPk is indeed being passed to the Judo SDK / the experience?

You can do this by just creating a text layer with {{user.taskPk}} in the text field and seeing if the value displays.

Let me know, thanks.

got it, thanks :slight_smile:
FYI - I had made the assumption that static user info would be available when running an experience demo in the judo iOS app (it’s not).

Hey @zack,

No worries!

But just to be clear things up a bit further, as user values do in fact work in our Judo iOS Preview App:

The user info value you can add into a design is indeed a test value, as seen added to this area of the Mac app:

This test value will persist, and be accessible when you open the same experience file with our Judo iOS preview app.

This will also work as a value interpolated into an Action as part of a deep link as you mentioned initially.

So that should work, and will launch a correct deep link, but again only using the test value.

It just won’t grab any real device user traits/values that might be present on the device.

That’s because these values would only be present in your app, not the Judo Preview App.

If you have integrated our SDK within your app, and then publish the same experience, the test value will then get overridden by the user Info value/trait present on each device opening the experience, as long as you’ve followed the steps in our dev docs for passing said values to our SDK.

Let me know if that all makes sense.